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Mom: If a gay wizard was the best Head Master the best magic school ever had, why can't we have a gay president??
"What did I know? I thought it was just a book, just a story. Just a movie. And then I came here. I saw the love and the hope in your eyes, and I finally understood that it was a fantasy. And you, you have made it a reality."
 Ken Stott, at HobbitCon 2014 Closing Ceremony (x)


thorin had the name oakenshield because of his oakenbranch used as a shield, but he lost it. So does he become nephewshield when his nephews shield him from further damage in bofta?

A death in the family | luna-kelly

A death in the family | luna-kelly


"Dragon Mist"

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.

~Marcel Proust 


Cause for the first time in forever,  Oh I’m such a fool, I can’t be free!    
You don’t have to be afraid, No escape from the storm inside of me! 
We can work this out together, I can’t control the curse!                          

We’ll reverse the storm you’ve made, Anna, please, you’ll only make it worse!

Don’t panic, There’s so much fear!


Anonymous asked: can i request spock in a flower crown? i’ve seen many a edits or fanart of actors or characters in flower crowns but haven’t seen spock in one. spock deserves a flower crown.

I LOVE FLOWER CROWNS SO I DREW EVERYONE IN ONE except Sulu oops. Actually I saw TOS Spock in flower crowns somewhere in a post but that was after I found this in my messages doop doop doop


“When the whales at SeaWorld were played a sound recording of a group of whales made at sea, they all stopped moving in their tanks. Then one of them, Corky, began shaking violently. The tape was playing sounds of her family. “I have no idea if this creature shares any feelings that we know as humans, but her reaction reminded me of the times I heard messages from my own family when I was a hostage in Lebanon. I would feel great relief at knowing they were well, but also much sorrow and a sharpened longing to be reunited with them. “What is clear is that Corky could recognize her family’s sounds after years of separation…Knowing only this much I believe it is pointless and cruel to keep these animals apart for commercial reasons - to exploit them for commercial entertainment.” -John McCarthy, journalist

# animals  


taylor swift is such an awful example for young girls


i mean look at that

she doesn’t even have a case on her phone


that’s the example she’s setting for the younger generation




But! But but but!

Sam DOES follow, just not right away. Sam lives a long, prosperous, ridiculously happy life in Hobbiton with Rosie, with whom he has many children. He was mayor of Hobbiton SEVEN times until he retired at age 96, oversaw the establishment of the Shire as its own independent land, and was personally given the Star of the Dunedain by King Elessar as a gesture of friendship and love. But when Rosie passed away on Mid-Year’s day, Sam rode out from Bag End on September 22nd for the last time and finally followed Frodo to Valinor as the third and last Ringbearer to do so at the grand old age of 104.

He did exactly as Frodo asked him to. He was whole, and happy, and he enjoyed and did more than he could have ever imagined when he was a humble gardener listening in for tales of the Elves. And when he had lived out his life in peace and absolute happiness he earned his reward and followed Frodo home.



Hôtel de Ville / City Hall, 29 rue de Rivoli, Paris


Hôtel de Ville / City Hall, 29 rue de Rivoli, Paris